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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mad(ge) about Givenchy

While all week we heard about M.I.A.'s famed middle finger and a particularly controversial upward motion that she made with that same digit, tonight I would like to turn your attention the the handiwork of a Monsieur Ricardo Tisci (of whom I have purred some pretty big praises before) in his drop-your-jaw-to-da-floor Cleopatra/High School Musical Marching Band costume aesthetic and the sketches behind his masterful work.

Givenchy is killing it this year. But not really, because although his recurring themes have centred widely around domesticated animals (shall I recall the cat-eared headgear and the ferociously-fanged pit bull prints?),  I will repeat that no animals were harmed in the making of any of his collections and that he was in fact wholly  responsible for the long-awaited achievement of world peace that was declared at the end of Madonna's marathon performance. FACT. Can you say "multi-tasker?"

So if, like me, you are drinking a bottle of wine alone on a Saturday night (and are totally stoked about it), browse below for some inspiration.

And don't think I have forgotten to post about Montreal Fashion Week. Follow me RIGHT HERE for fashion week follow-ups exclusively at Miss-Sly.com comin' up oh so soon. Promise.

(Images via Style.com)


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