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Monday, February 27, 2012

Concerning chokers and really aggressive limbs

This is a service announcement. A.K.A. an announcement in which I provide to you the service of knowing that, after more than a decade of widely-inflicted neglect and even downright rejection, the choker is back with a vengeance. But this time around, it should not be mistrusted for its strangling capabilities or for its legacy as an immediate identifier of angst-ridden adolescent goths circa 1995. This time, there are no dagger-like studs. This time, the choker just wants to party along with the rest of your neck paraphernalia (i.e. thinner chains like the one pictured above in my version of the comeback). Yes my friends, the choker is all grown-up and it's looking to settle down for the long-run (or at least S/S 2012) on a neck such as yours.

Rihanna boldly proclaimed the return of the until-recently exiled accessory at a Stella McCartney presentation and with a leg-outside-dress-slit pose serious enough to rival the overnight sensation of @AngiesRightLeg post-Oscars, there can be no arguing with a neck and a leg so prominently trendy and trending, respectively.

While Rhi Rhi's left leg battles it out with Angelina's right leg for title of America's most popular appendage, here are some more sightings of the newer, friendlier and significantly more social choker of the 21st century via two of my favourite bloggers, the Man Repeller and Oracle Fox.

 Now go, try, do, be. Indubitably.


  1. I'm still loving choker necklaces, got 4 pairs and counting! Just cant get enough :) thanks for sharing x

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