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Friday, January 6, 2012

TREND to TRY before you DIE: Miss Mayan

Well, as I mentioned before,, the world is destined for certain doom this year and you have less than 365 days to make your impact on the world of impractical and fabulous dressing before life on earth is destroyed by another planet whose name I have forgotten but whose total planetary destruction is inevitable. But fret not, because it is in desperate times like these that erratic behaviour becomes not only acceptable, but expected! Cue my brand new feature for 2012, which I have dubbed the TREND to TRY before you DIE in which I will display the most exciting and insensible new ways to outfit yourself and provide you with real ways to do it. 

And since all this apocalyptic broohaha was spurred on by the Mayans themselves, why not start there? And as much as I greatly encourage you to take your inspiration from the dudes below, I understand that the loincloth thing might be a tad bit out of your comfort zone. So, Option 2 requires that you take a look at the Missoni Spring 2012 collection in all it's frilly, flowy, stripey wonder and follow suit. 

If you will kindly notice the colours, the layers, the fringe, the mesh and the waterfall-esque draping of the material. This is maximalism at its best.

And for those of us who (although money will be trivial in the last days of life as we know it) cannot fork over our life-savings to fill our closets, here are some other options care of Cynthia Vincent, Pamela Love, and Pendleton, from which you can extract inspiration for your pre-death wardrobe.

Now you see that apocalypses can be fun and fashionable. Woo! We will be ready for you Planet Nibiru!

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