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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Neigum and the Nineties

Note: He also has extremely refined taste in hair-styles. No biased opinions here.
I was born at the tail-end of the 1980s and spent the following decade waddling (and eventually walking) around in a wardrobe chosen by my mother, not for its fashion-factor but for the speed with which she could coax each individual piece onto my writhing body at 6:30 am on a daily basis. So thanks to my mother's impatience coupled with my inability to dress myself autonomously as a youngster, I missed out on the flannel, the jean and jean jacket ensembles, the ripped denim, the Chuck's, the relocation of the sweater to its temporary location around the waist, and the abandonment of a regularly scheduled hair-hygiene regimen, a.k.a. shampoo. I missed 10 years of GRUNGE. Yes, life is hard. But Sid Neigum makes it better.

This Canadian designer's collections can be summarized in part as what you could expect to see from the collective loins of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, and also as an homage to futuristic minimalism with a continuous effort to push the boundaries of design while maintaining a clear-cut vision. Oh, and finished off with some really hilarious eyebrows.

And in the spirit of past decades, let us rewind the tape from the beginning, starting with his current S/S 2012 collection...

Followed by his previous A/W 2011 collection...

 Oh, and your boyfriend can join in on the fun too...

And if you ever find yourself needing desperately to frighten away a bear or a large, notably hairy mammal of some sort through intimidation, well, I think this would do it. Cough.

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