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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Covet: Rings for Stabbing People

That was a harsh title, I know. I'm sorry. Truly and deeply. Please know that I do not wish to advocate violence of any sort, nor the regular carrying on one's person of dangerous weapons masked as decorative body ornamentation. But by now you must know that I get all lustful and weak in the knees at the site of any type of jewelry that offends your relatives and worries your psychiatrist. And that I cannot refrain from sharing with you, my dear readers, the dual capacity of a fashion item that is an accessory by day and a lethal weapon by night. And if you cannot yet recognize the value such an item, I can only imagine this to be because you have never seen the movie Red Eye featuring a very scared Rachel McAdams running from a very scary man with grossly over-sized eyeballs and in which Rachel's always faithful stiletto heel saves the day.

You see how well I take care of you? It's time to take our own safety into our own hands ladies, literally. Cover those lady fingers with Pamela Love, Giles and Brother and RBRTH below. Hell, one of these is even called the Shield Ring. Now you can attack and defend.

Cool, so.......go buy these and then I'll see you on death row.

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