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Friday, October 21, 2011

Uh Oh, Not Again...

 Now, I KNOW that I bombard you with shoes. Photos of shoes, my take on shoes, shoes I would sever a limb for (except for a leg, DUHHH). But oh Lordy, the things I would do to this shoe. It is lucky that I cannot find it for sale ANYWHERE on the web. Only photos of it on the dainty feet of Miss Fashion Squad and a mere photo with no option to buy on it's exclusive retail online shop Nelly.com. 

Now I am not one for teasing. I am short, as I have previously lamented, and I have grown (notice: play on words) to despise when wonderful things are placed out of my reach, such as cookie jars and now, these shoes!!!! Oh, the injustice.

But just think, with these steel-toed stunners on my feetsies, not only would I be prepared if I was unexpectedly thrown into a construction site and forced to lift heavy objects whose post-drop impact on my toes would cause some distasteful damage, but I would be able to stab the next person who teases me about my height with one swift upward motion of the leg. Talk about an anti-bullying campaign.

So without further adieu, I give you the brand Nowhere which apparently, takes its name very seriously and makes its products available NOWHERE. Well that's not true, check out their other pieces below. They are very available online.

Anyways, this is all just nonsense, since I am lying in bed, sick and as per usual, I have no coin in my pocket. Well I'm not even wearing pants, so pockets are irrelevant. I am poor and pants-less. Sigh.

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