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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back Back Pack it up

 Ok, so here's the dealio. I am a full-hearted supporter of the handbag, of the boho bag, of the satchel; of the BAG. And it naturally follows that I just cannot sacrifice my bag-of-all-trades for my one-and-only backpack that I reserve only for hiking adventures, gym sweaty-sessions and other such events where I have already conceded that I WILL look like and fully assume the role of an ugly person. There are just times in life when we must lower ourselves to a level of appearance that is similar to someone whose existence, in light of Darwin's natural selection theory, remains a big fat and unfortunate mystère.

But, seriously, lately I have been feeling the urge to put on my ugly. Carrying a laptop, outlandishly heavy textbooks, food, a ziploc bag full of miscellaneous medication (still don't remember what those red pills are...) and other necessities, I suspect that my shoulder will soon droop down far enough that it will simply become an extension of my neck.

So I'm on the prooooooowwwwl. For a backpack that will offer all the comfort and amenities I would expect out of a bag, and the added bonus of not having to stock up now on clothing with built-in, XL shoulder pads for the future.

Like the fanny pack, backpacks are coming back HARD. I want every single one one of these humpbacks here.

The Row (co. MK & Ashley Olsen) This one sold out. At $35, 000 each. Fuck tuition.


Hilla Toledano


Hoi Bo and Mjölk

If anyone knows of any other backpacks that would satisfy my inkling for fine back-wear, hit me up!
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  1. Here is a great one from BCBGeneration, sophisticated and stylish and it's on sale! http://www.netalamode.com/accessories/bags?product_id=404


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