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Monday, October 31, 2011

"November Survival Tips" from a certified expert

 November is here. It is in the here and the now and the "oh, wow, it's mothafreakin' cold out." It's also Movember, but more about that later. It's 1 a.m. and I don't feel like slowly coaxing my fellow females into mental preparations for the unkempt shrubbery that is soon to be blossoming atop their boyfriend's upper lip. Save that psychological shocker for another day.

Anyways, the point of this post is that you can all stop clogging my news feed with Halloween photos because dressing like a fool is no longer allowed. Time to put on your woollies, hike up your long-underwear (which you can wear as outer-wear (yes, you can)) and tie up those booties. Ok, I regress, dressing like a fool IS highly encouraged allowed.

Here are some of the boots I shall be donning this month, including my new and improved Cougar Pillow Boots, but once again, more about that later.

And if you are really resisting total foot-in-shoe encapsulation, you can always do the socks-with-super-cool-summer-sandals thing, as I did the other day. And you get high fives and hurrahs if said socks are polka-dotted.

 And if you just can't kick the November blues in a pair of leather clonkers, eating food that exhibits positive emotions is always an alternative. This burger had such a positive demeanor that I just couldn't help but to eat him and pass the joy onto my belly. This winter, do something positive for yourself. I'm talking about a KD and ketchup diet. What? It's made with cauliflower now!

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