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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall's Bootie Bounty

Oh, and in following with my previous post, there's also these puppies. Well, they are actually shoes. Sorry to confuse those of you who were hoping for adorable pictures of baby dogs. But let's focus, shall we? This is a fashion blog! No minuscule mutts allowed (unless they are sporting customized suede capes or  fur-trimmed booties). 

These are my newest go-to's. And guess what, they are COMFORTABLE!! I even ran after a bus in them today without shattering any bones in my ankles. But then that bus drove away without me in it and my shoes and I were very upset.

They're black and buckled and chunky-heeled to perfection. As are the following fruits of Fall 11'. Again, I hope I didn't lead anyone to anticipate photos depicting crunchy apples and freshly-picked pears. I really should stop using metaphors with so little care. These are actually Jeffrey Campbell's and Burberry Prorsum's, so...better than fruit, just not as edible.


Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Shoe Trends

But not much in my life is very edible anyways, seeing as how I am a financially-devoid student now, so most of my budget cuts occur in the grocery aisle, meaning I can't really afford to eat. But, as my great-great-great Aunt Shirley said, "When the going gets tough, get better shoes." (Just kidding, I made that one up. Can you tell? Didn't think so.)

Ok, I'm done now.

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