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Friday, June 29, 2012

ChrismaCanada Day Give-AWAY!

That's right boys and girls, for once my blog title is not intentionally misleading for the purpose of hoodwinking you into clicking on said title and wasting 10 minutes of your life reading the utterly useless lack of information with which I pollute the world wide web. 

In following with the generous-nature of the above title, I say in all earnestness and with the utmost professionalism: I WANT TO GIVE YOU FREE SHIT. This is entirely factual. Factoid #2: It is also CANADA DAY WEEKEND. And it seems only logical to combine my natural philanthropic goodwill with the celebration of red, white, free health care, and now, free cotton tank tops.

Cue CHRISMACANADA DAY: The one day a year when your two three four five day bender gets a whole lot more fashionable for free. And you don't even have to leave me cookies and milk. FACT.

Yo Prize. Size Small.
What more appropriate way to celebrate CHRISMACANADA DAY than with garb from a Canadian brand, namely Ambush Apparel? And what less appropriate way to celebrate CHRISMACANADA DAY than with a tank top that is...uh...purple and white? Ahem, yes, thematically-unfitting, but again, FACTUAL.


1. Like FWF on Facebook here
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3. Like Ambush Apparel on Facebook huuurrrr
4. Leave a comment below with your NAME and E-MAIL

Contest closes FRIDAY JULY 6 at MIDNIGHT (giving you 5 days post-Canada Day to regain lucidness as well as the ability to comprehend the requirements of the above criteria).
The winner will be chosen by random selection and announced right here the following day. So click, like, follow, and I'll see you 30 Gatorades from now.

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