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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Non-Commmital Lesbianism

I'm gonna get hate letters for this one, aren't I? 

Well, this post isn't about lesbianism at all, because lesbian, I am not (I know, I'm conventional and boring) but boy oh boy (or girl oh girl??) do I have a GIRL CRUSH. So what I'm really talking about here is in fact quasi-lesbianism, or lesbianism of the occasional variety. Maybe I should start calling these posts on my female fetishes "Lesbian for a Day" or, if that one isn't politically incorrect enough, how about "From the Peen to the Vageen: A Day Trip?" The tag line? "Be a lezbo for one day, and you don't have to stay." 

Yep, these are the things I think up in my spare time.
The subject at hand responsible for my temporary sexual philanderings and politically-erroneous titles? Elsa Burkart. This girl wears fringe and turbans as a uniform, lives out of a '79 Dodge Ram half the year, rolls around naked in paint, is front-woman to The Saint James Society and entrepreneur of the soon-to-be-opened Fauve and Hunter online/travelling pop-up lifestyle boutique.
Sometimes I feel these invisible hands around my throat. I feel like there is smoke in my eyes, and I think about the things I don’t have. I don’t have a degree, I don’t have credit, I don’t have a driver’s license. I’ve never gone the conventional way. What matters most is what you do have: I’ve driven cars and read beautiful books. I’ve never let money get in the way of doing something I wanted. Even in fear, I’ve gone where my heart leads me, because I know that even if I made a mistake, it was just a lesson that needed to be learned.
-Elsa Burkart from I Like My Style magazine Spring/Summer '12 edition
For her, I could go gay... if only for a day. So I guess that means not gay at all. Damn. So in talking about lesbianism, I come to the conclusion that I am not talking about it at all... and that I am not talking about anything really, for that matter, which seems to be a recurring trend on this blog...

I guess all I really wanted to say was that she's hot... and I'm bothered. And I'm sorry for wasting your time on a weekly basis. Goodbye.


  1. Good find, she is damn beautiful

    Makes me glad i'm a lesbian!


  2. I always suspected you were...


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