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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Shortcomings of Turkey and New Years Wear

Oh come all ye faithful, back to the blogosphere and my nonsensical rants and raves about political happenings, economic going-ons and philosophical ideologies. (Just kidding, I would never subject you to something so cruel and reasonable.) Oh haven't you missed me??! Well have I got a goodie for you today. As we lament the passing of Christmas and the gaining of a third love handle, we can all join together in the celebration of the coming New Years Eve and the festive hoopla that it will bring. We can also turn our drooling mouths away from the dead bird now nestled comfortably in countless Ziploc containers in the fridge towards the N.Y.E.-appropriate work of Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. Yes, leather is less tasty to the taste buds than a juicy bird fresh out of the oven, but can a turkey be all frilly and eyelet-cut and pair perfectly with any party plans you may have like these masterpieces? Can you wear a turkey?? No you cannot. So choose wisely my friends, and feast on these!

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