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Monday, December 12, 2011

Grotto: The Fashion Show

The following is a visual recount of a fashion show/exhibition that I organized as a member of the wardrobe team for one of my fashion marketing classes this semester. (Note: these photos were taken at the rehearsal, not the real show.) Three interminably long and relentlessly tiring months for 18.5 minutes of 24 skinny girls walking down a runway in fabulous clothing that I could never fathom wearing since the aforementioned course and the school to which it belongs gorge on my laughable savings and weekly wages and that I could neither steal nor plunder since my parents instilled in me the  handicapping burden of morality as an impressionable youth.

But regardless of my moral and financial dilemmas, Grotto, The Moving Fashion Event was a resounding success thanks to to caffeine benders and the heroism of brands like AldoArtikolMackageOvateMichael KorsNorwegian Wood, Andrew Floyd, etcetera, etcetera. And if that doesn't get you all hot, heavy and seriously bothered, we had a revolving stage (hence the "moving fashion event" part. Get it??? GET IT???). 

On a less boastful note, if you are currently exam-ing it up, like me, there will be more posts in the coming days strategically designed to distract you from the excruciating pain and unjustifiable suffering that comes along with it. Think of it as my culturally-non-exclusionary pre-holiday gift to you. Happy ChrismaKwanzaaKkah.

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