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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photo Diary: A Facial Repertoire

Top: Zara / Hat: American Apparel DIYed / Jewellery: Miss Cocotte

You may or not care (For your sake I hope that you tend towards the latter, because there are, at this very moment, intrinsically thoughtful questions like this being asked which NEED answers), BUT, these are some of the happenings that have been, in fact, happening in my life as of late, in professional and novice photo-graphical form and curated through a storyline of facial expressions.

Happening #1: (See above) Introducing: The Toothy Face. In all of its bicuspid and incisor glory, making its appearance for the upcoming jewellery collection campaign for Montreal jewellery designer, Miss Cocotte. More profesh photos to come styled by me and Josée Gagnon, make-upped by Joanie Lapointe, and shot by Michel-Éric Gauthier.
Jacket: Travis Taddeo / Top: Complex Geomoetries / Jewellery: Miss Cocotte / Shoes: Alexander Wang
Happening #2: I made a lot of serious faces in Old Montreal. A class-mate asked me why I always look so mad once. Clearly, I was just channelling my inner austerity and inherent bitch-face capabilities for this shoot by Paul Steward Photography. For more information, and a step-by-step tutorial on bitch-facing, click here.

 Happening #3: Marie and I stood on my roof and made a virtual spectrum of varied facial expressions, starting with what could be most accurately described as the despondent puppy dog face...
 Followed by the "I ain't got no face."
Narratively-peaking with that stupid face where the camera catches you mid-blink a.k.a. mentally-impaired.
 Then came the denouement or the one "where I understand if you just want to punch me in the face" face.
 Rounded up with the conclusively-appropriate and sickeningly irritating Happy Face. 
Mesh Top: Vintage / Shoes: Ash / Hand-Held Dead Animal: Vintage
So in conclusion - well, there is no conclusion. This whole thing was a total waste of your time. 
Reporting live, I'm Lisa of Food Water Fashion, bringing you up to the minute stupidity and ongoing narcissistic materialism. You are very, very welcome.


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