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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Once a Faux Pas, Always a Personal Staple: Fashion Week Edition

If you don't follow me here and here for the inexcusable reason of having more important things to read such as up-to-the-minute international politics and current affairs, then I truly advise you to continue what you are doing because I am about to discuss the benefits of wearing mullet silhouettes and bathing suit bottoms in public and you are likely to get much, much less cultured.

Just kidding. Maybe. Anyways, For this year's edition of Montreal Fashion Week, my mantra of dress revolved around the bringing back of fashion's Do-Nots and making them fashion Do-it-Anyways'. I was open to anything and everything. Except for nipple tassels. Those are never ok. 

Shall we analyze?

DAY 1:
The Mullet Dress: Mullets, remember those? Oooooh ya. Except this time I wore one on my ass.
The Fanny Pack: A little bit higher up to the hip level but equal in "What the hell are you wearing?" merit, I can  only be thankful that most of the men in attendance were biologically programmed to find me sexually unappealing anyways.

DAY 2:
The Swim Suit Bottom: High-waisted and shorts-like in appearance, I still bought these in the bathing suit section of Value Village. And then I wore them into a cocktail lounge. Can't take me no where.

Skunk Hair: Because, if you would so kindly read the caption below, the Montreal Gazette thinks that I have "skunk hair." And ya know, there's nothing more subversive than mimicking your look to that of a foul-smelling and primitive rodent.

For more tom-foolery and counter-productive banter, read my MFW coverage so far chez Miss Sly.

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