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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Would you like to go to the plage with me?


Last weekend I went to the beach on Toronto Island with my brother where we learnt, amongst other things, that I am a wholly disastrous and disconcerting frisbee player.

But in relevant news, my brother is a photographer and he brought out the camera and coerced me into getting all pose-y in public which was a likely contributor to the heightened level of awkwardness which did ensue between myself and passing members of said public. 

Result? The successful capturing of my welding-appropriate sunglasses, my sports-bra-turned-top which I purchased at Victoria's Secret instead of a pair of frilly underwear (substantiating my running hypothesis regarding the masculine leanings of my wardrobe preferences) and last and hopefully least, the freezing in time of my right arm in the ideal head scratching position. EN-joy. 

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  1. Hey Lisa! Im really sorry that I ended up stalking you up to here haha , Its kind of your ''private world'' in a public way :P

    Ya, Maud made a Facebook Group page for the restaurant and few click later I was On your blog :S
    However, Im happy I did, its kinda really nice lol
    I always thought you were weird, but since wierd is the new cool, you are kind of cool :P rlly like ur picture and ur text !! I have to go , but ill read more later :P sorry im the creepy frenchy :S
    cya later girl !


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