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Monday, August 6, 2012

Maude Nibelungen: On Knitting, OCD, and New York City Bros

I showed up to the interview I would be giving without a pen. So, Maude Nibelungen, the Montreal-based knitwear designer, offered me hers. "But, like, make sure you give it back...because I love that pen. It's amazing to me." 

Girl's got OCD. 

She also confessed to me that she almost fought a "bro" in a bar in New York City (and then recommended I go to that bar) and that she loves cooking with alcohol. I think it noteworthy to add that there were zero rocking chairs to be found in her studio. There were, however, bright pink cuckoo clocks, a skull vase, a creepy drawing of a girl and her dog, as well as plastic flamingo wine glasses. Oh, and a shit load of yarn. I subsequently have stopped looking to fill my open calls for a role model.

She once worked in a bank. She once spent most of her time in that bank knitting. "Some girls complained." 

Before that, Maude left the tiny town of Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, (Yes, you will click on that link) population 2,050, where her grandmother taught her to knit, to study History in Quebec City. 

She has spent the last five years in Montreal, working nights and weekends, and filling up the rest of her time writing, painting, and knitting full collections that have been showcased at Montreal Fashion Week, and most recently, Le Festival Mode et Design de Montréal. She has collaborated with Ovate and Sisters of the Black Moon to date, and with only two years worth of collections realized by her knitting needles, Maude has only just begun. 

And she tells me, in regards to my own ambitions, only to go for it if it's for the right reasons. "Express yourself and be happy." 

That, I can do.

Fall/Winter 12-13:

The need, the desire of surpassing oneself cannot be obtained in an unrealistic quest for perfection or of an ideal; but rather in the search of personal deepening and never ending evolution.”

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